Akiko Haruna is a Sound designer and audiovisual artist, constructing experimental sound and vision for the moving image. Her work as a musician has gained her a place at the 2018 Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin. Her works span the spectrum between Avant Garde, Classical and deconstructed club music. Coming from a Classical background and backed with a University education in the Sound Arts, her extensive abilities and understanding of sound has permitted versatility in her work.

Haruna has emerged into the sound world from a background in performance. Entering the dance industry at the age of 16 she has worked for mainstream pop artists such as john newman and aluna george in videos that have received tens of millions of views. throughout this time period, she has worked for the universal music group, island records, the bbc and sky. The experience she has gained from her time working in The industry has provided her with invaluable insight on the execution and delivery of work within well respected companies.


Artistic statement

my works' purpose is to create a seamless marriage between audio and visual. i work to enhance the image to its maximum potential and to provide the audience with a memorable experience. I wish to successfully reproduce the artist or clients’ vision, but also be able to add my own expertise and creativity to improve the result. In my work, I often refer to sound or image as an extension of the other. 

In all forms of art, new varieties of audio-visual concepts are being produced and combined to create fresh hybrids, preventing the art from going stale. I am particularly driven to be part of this evolution.